What Is Pension Re-Enrolment?

Re-enrolment is the process of re-enrolling your employees. It applies to employees who have previously opted out of the pension scheme. This process occurs on the third year anniversary of your staging date.   If you’re interested in more information regarding pension re-enrolment, see our step by step guide list of blogs below;   1.Top… Read more »

Choosing Your Re-Enrolment Date

It’s time to choose your re-enrolment date! You have received your letter from the pension regulator and you are unsure what your next step is, keep reading to find out…   You must choose a re-enrolment date within 6 months of your three year auto enrolment date anniversary (staging date). This date can be chosen… Read more »

Top 5 Most Common Re-Enrolment Mistakes

To make sure your re-enrolment experience is successful we thought we’d share with you the 5 most common mistakes (for you to avoid)…   1.Trying to do it all yourself- ‘60% of managers listed administration as their top re-enrolment concern.’ If like most owner managers you hate dealing with administration, don’t be part of the statistic and… Read more »

Assessing And Re-Enrolling Your Employees

Pension re-enrolment is coming for all employers, but we have found most of you are unsure on which workers you should be re-enrolling.    In a nutshell, re-enrolment is the process of re-enrolling workers who have previously opted out of the pension scheme. Employees you must assess: All employees that have left the pension scheme. This includes… Read more »

How To Complete Your Re-Declaration Of Compliance

Every employer must provide their workforce with a workplace pension. Almost all employers will have gone through auto-enrolment, therefore employers are now starting to go through re-enrolment which happens every three years. The final part of this process is one of the most important (to avoid hefty fines from the pension regulator) and this is… Read more »

Re-Enrolment; Informing Your Employees

Keep your employees up to date… We all have the right to know what is going on with our money! As a legal obligation you must send out letters to all employees you are re-enrolling within 6 weeks of your re-enrolment date. If you’re not sure what re-enrolment is you should check out our blog. … Read more »

Are you a School thinking about outsourcing your payroll?

  Frustrated with paying the higher prices of outsourcing to your LEA. Looking for a better service for your biggest assets – your employees? Wanting to make improvements and avoid work duplication? 6 steps to improving your school’s payroll   Schools have always outsourced their payroll, although traditional outsourcing to their LEA, many are now… Read more »

Why now is the time to move to e-payslips

So much of our working and personal life involves the cloud. So why is the update of e-payslips so slow. Are you missing out? We think so and here’s why; If you’re thinking of rolling out e-payslips, check out our blog on how to communicate this with your employees. 1. More cost effective– There can… Read more »

Understanding the Apprenticeship Levy with South Cheshire College

The Apprenticeship Levy came into force on 6th April 2017 but not all Employers have had the time to understand the changes. Our brief update, put together with the help of South Cheshire College, gives Employers of all sizes a guide to the Apprenticeship Levy. Our Apprenticeship Levy download our Apprenticeship Levy White Paper provides… Read more »

Shared Marriage Allowance

Do you know about the shared marriage allowance?  Could you or your employees benefit from it? What it is the Shared Marriage Allowance The Shared Marriage Allowance came into force in April 2015 although not everyone that can is taking advantage. The shared marriage allowance allows you to share some of your unused tax allowance… Read more »