Success Story: Quest Pay SolutionsRecruitment Sector.


CE Back Office have helped QPS successfully manage the changeable payroll associated with temporary workers and have reduced temporary worker queries in relation to outstanding holiday pay.


QPS are a provider of unique employment and contracting services to the temporary recruitment market working with agencies and contractors across to UK in sectors ranging from teaching and medical to technical and construction.


To comply with changing payroll legislation QPS had a need for a PAYE payroll. Unsure of long term volume needs QPS were looking for a solution that would flex around their changing needs.

How CE Back Office helped

As a recruitment specialist payroll provider, CE Back Office has taken the burden of PAYE payroll and supported QPS as their needs have changed over the last 18 months.

Charging on a fixed price per payslip model allows transparency of payroll costs but more importantly allowed payroll costs to match changing demand for example during school holidays. CE Back Office have also been able to flex their resources when there is increased influx of new starters taking away the increased admin allowing QPS to focus on their core business activities.

As part of CE Back Office’s commitment to continuous improvement the offer regular payroll reviews to clients. During this process, it was identified that QPS were suffering from a large volume of calls from temporary workers in relation to outstanding holiday pay. Changes were made so that QPS were supplied with a weekly outstanding holiday report for each worker. In addition, CE Back Office introduced a new element onto the temporary workers’ payslip showing how much holiday pay is outstanding. This has reduced payroll queries by over 17% and helped improve the temporary workers experience.