Thinking about outsourcing your payroll?

Confused with new legislation? Tired of researching the Apprenticeship Levy or the Gender Pay Gap Reporting? Worried about single person dependency leaving you feeling vulnerable to sickness and staff absence? Looking to reduce costs on software and training?   6 steps to improving your payroll  Outsourcing your payroll can have a big impact…   Increase… Read more »

Why now is the time to move to e-payslips

So much of our working and personal life involves the cloud. So why is the update of e-payslips so slow. Are you missing out? We think so and here’s why; If you’re thinking of rolling out e-payslips, check out our blog on how to communicate this with your employees. 1. More cost effective– There can… Read more »

Shared Marriage Allowance

Do you know about the shared marriage allowance?  Could you or your employees benefit from it? What it is the Shared Marriage Allowance The Shared Marriage Allowance came into force in April 2015 although not everyone that can is taking advantage. The shared marriage allowance allows you to share some of your unused tax allowance… Read more »

Understanding tax codes- follow our quick guide

Understanding your tax code can be tricky, the reasons for these tax codes and what they all mean can vary considerably. According to the CIPP it is estimated that 1 in 10 employees is on the wrong tax code. Do you know for sure your tax code is correct? Are you aware of the various… Read more »

4 common mistakes made with National Insurance letter codes

The National Insurance letter code is used to determine the rates at which the employer and employee pay National Insurance which is used to fund state pensions, benefits, and the NHS. Most of your employees will be on the standard letter code A but there are in fact 8 different NI codes to choose from…. Read more »

What do you need to know about The Taylor Review

The Taylor Review is an independent evaluation of modern working practices within Britain today. The review was completed by Matthew Taylor, a former policy chief to Tony Blair. According to the review, its overriding objective is that all work in the UK economy should be fair and decent with realistic scope for development and fulfillment. What… Read more »

5 ways CSR can improve your Employer Brand

Corporate Socially Responsibility, often shortened to CSR, is seen to be an important factor when it comes to business. 9 out of 10 consumers expects businesses to address social and environmental issues. But what about your Employer Brand? Can CSR really make an impact on recruitment and retention of employees? We think so and here… Read more »

CSR: Putting People First with Beanstalk

CE Back Office welcomed reading charity Beanstalk to their Nantwich office last week. Together with Beanstalk we were celebrating 6 months successful volunteering partnership. During this time, CE Back Office have provided volunteer readers to Bridgemere C of E Primary School in Cheshire 2 afternoons a week as part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)… Read more »

Understanding the Apprenticeship Levy with South Cheshire College

The Apprenticeship Levy came into force on 6th April 2017 but not all Employers have had the time to understand the changes. Our brief update, put together with the help of South Cheshire College, gives Employers of all sizes a guide to the Apprenticeship Levy. Our Apprenticeship Levy download our Apprenticeship Levy White Paper provides… Read more »